About Accident News Daily

Accident News Daily reports on serious vehicle accidents from around the country. Our mission is to provide timely accident information to the public, educate on the dangers that exist on our highways, and provide commentary regarding traffic safety issues.

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Accident News Daily Contributors

Jeffrey Carr

Jeffrey Carr is the content editor for Accident News Daily. Having attained a degree from an old East Coast institution (not one of the famous ones), Jeff decided to enter journalism. He handles most of the feature writing, taking deep dives into more general issues that surround serious accidents.

Jeff is known around the office for having the patience to read exceedingly long novels from the likes of Proust or Powell (both in translation).

Tim Burke

Tim Burke is the copy editor and a reporter for Accident News Daily. Before joining our team, Tim spent years honing his craft at a variety of accident blogs in north Texas. In that time, Tim reported on 10’s of thousands of accidents, putting him in the running for having written about more accidents than any other reporter in Texas.

Whether it’s because he cannot cook or chooses not to, Tim possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of the Dallas-Fort Worth restaurant scene.

Ty Kerrick

Ty Kerrick is a staff writer for Accident News Daily. After graduating for the University of Texas, Ty began his career in journalism, covering accidents through the state.

In addition to his solid reporting, Ty also fulfills the industry requirement that every newsroom have at least one professional wrestling fan. We try not to hold it against him.

Chuck Innocent

Chuck Innocent is a contributing writer for Accident News Daily. Chuck began writing professionally after attending Texas Tech. After starting out as freelance content writer for various legal blogs in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Chuck joined our team.

Chuck is a well-read, but private person, who usually spends time with his family.